Made in the Lower Church of St. John the Baptist Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum aims to document visually the best that the Church of Turin has created over twenty centuries of history in the service of faith and charity through the genius of many artists, painters, sculptors and architects. Its peculiarity enriches the artistic kaleidoscope of the city and confirms the active role and dialogue which the Church wishes to play in Turin with contemporary culture, providing a space where the meeting opens arcane horizons.
These values, which give the Diocesan Museum of Turin added value, convey the contents of the Christian message in the language of art and feed in the audience the pleasure for beauty and the awe for the mystery of God (Benedetto XVI , Sacramentum Caritatis, 41).
It is the hope that I wish to extend to visitors along with the thanks to all who have collaborated on this important achievement and will contribute to its growth.
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