The mounting of the Diocesan Museum of Turin has been designed to enhance the artworks displayed and their original meaning and usage.
museum of itself
The first requirement in the design of the museum was to preserve the most important historical value: be a museum of itself. This means the total respect for the architectural and archaeological background, with limited adaptation measures, using simple shapes and reversible and distinguishable materials.
With this aim has been designed the artworks exhibition, organized in thematic areas, which illustrate the principle moments of the Christian Event: Baptism, Eucharist, Marian devotion, the cult of Saints, in their historical, artistic and liturgical development. The guided tour is completed by numerous and important artworks, divided by type (paintings, sculptures, textiles and jewelry), time and materials. 
The mounting of the Diocesan Museum of Turin has been realized by Prof. Arch. Maurizio Momo, Arch. Chiara Momo, Don Natale Maffioli, Don Luigi Cervellin in partnership with the Superintendents and scholars.
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